In honor of Halloween and to prove I was an involved mother at least some of the time, here are the pictures I could find of the various costumes Alex wore for Halloween during the years. I know there must be more, but this gives you an idea of my imaginations and/or sewing ability.

If you don't remember Don Johnson, here is a very good likeness of that 1980s "Miami Vice" heart-throb. I made Alex's white suit. Notice his gold chain and my attempt at giving him a "5 o'clock shadow."

Okay, this one didn't require too much imagination on my part, but it did need my fine make-up skills and my hat. His cousins' costumes were fancier, but I think they're all adorable in their own way.

I didn't make this costume, but notice how much better I'm getting with the make-up.

By far, my greatest costume sewing achievement and one of his proudest moments...

As the evening unraveled, so did his mummy get-up. We bought all the gauze in our local pharmacy. They must have thought we were harboring a wounded criminal.

Factoid Boy! Truly an Alex original. He came up with the idea and I came up with the costume. A real team effort.

Although not a Halloween costume, Alex used to dress up to dole out candy. This Bike Dude costume was one he used for a school play, Little Shop of Horrors.

How about you or your children/grandchildren? Are there any pictures you want to share of your/their Halloween Costume Parade?