Holy Fall Foliage, Batman! I’m Glad I Peeked Out of My Cave

Believe it or not, I open the blinds, put on real clothes, turn off my laptop, and step outside into the world—even if the sun is shining. I did that very thing with Phil a couple of weekends ago. We took a hike to Marcy Dam, the first two miles of a hike that leads to the top of Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York State and part of the 46 mountains that comprise the Northern New York Adirondack Mountains. Phil is a downhill skier and a hiker and knows these mountains well, so when he suggested going for a short, easy hike, I was all in. I trust him and he never underestimates anything.

The day was gorgeous and there were more cars on the narrow road to the parking area than rush hour on Friday afternoon in Gotham City. We parked at least a mile from the trail head. Our “short hike” just got longer.

Just letting us know what we're getting into...

Once we got to the trail head, we had to sign it, so the Forest Ranger would know where to begin the search once, I mean if, we turned up missing.

Doesn't he look cool and confident?

I'm trying to look just as cool and confident. But look at my shoes. Not exactly hiking-approved...

Ah, just what we came to see.

I love a babbling brook. Look, can you see our shadows in the foreground?

Our destination, Marcy Dam, which is supposed to be a lake but is a mud hole because the floods earlier in the year from Tropical Storms Irene and Lee washed out the dam. Dam shame.

Dam view in the background. Dam and bridge washout in the foreground.

Can't read this sign? Neither could I. We had a choice to go back the way we came or loop back another way. I think this sign said "Go back the way you came, Fool." But I couldn't read it.

After deciding to loop around the other way, we saw this sign. I wasn't encouraged mostly because I didn't understand this sign either, but Phil was his ever-optimistic self. Plus he had on hiking boots.

I looked up to the Universe for comfort and saw this. I was comforted.

We had to cross two, count 'em, two passages with boulder and water and tree roots that would have challenged a billy-goat. I had the kind of sneakers that rock when you walk and I'm dizzy all the time. You do the math. I'm here to tell you: there's crying in hiking.

Okay, no surprise. You all know I'm prone to melodrama.

We signed out as proof the Forest Rangers could rest easy and so could we. But our journey wasn't over yet.

Snapped this one our long trek back to the car.

All in all, we figured we walked/hiked about seven miles. Short? I don’t think so. Easy? Yes, if you don’t count the panic attack I had crossing the death trap most hikers would call a stream. We brought snacks but were hungry. As we were looking for places to eat, we spied this establishment but decided to pass. They looked closed and probably didn’t have anything healthy anyway.

I'm retired on a disability, so NO, I am not considering applying for a job here.

~ by Lorna's Voice on October 21, 2011.

33 Responses to “Holy Fall Foliage, Batman! I’m Glad I Peeked Out of My Cave”

  1. That was a fun hike, except the panic attack part… 😉

  2. AAhhh … the Adirondacks I know them well. I even did a couple of art shows in that area way back when. Love the fall colors, too. They are so warm and inviting. ~~~~ : – )

  3. Righto! Phil wouldn’t let that happen anyway. 😉

  4. I loved you in the tree. So cute! Next time no shape-ups, hikers all the way. I don’t want to lose you in a stream. Love ya. 🙂

  5. Seven? Gee! Well, at least the weather was good for it.
    Go ahead, try the snow shoes. 🙂

  6. Thanks. It was great fun.

  7. That’s more my speed… 😉

  8. It wouldn’t be my life without melodrama (and making fun of it)! 😉

  9. Yes, I’m blessed to live in such a gorgeous place. Thanks!

  10. I laughed out loud when you said the part about giving you a rifle to shoot a bear. I’m glad I’m not the only one who falls for guys who are wild under-estimators! 😉

  11. Yes, you definitely want someone big and strong to keep you warm and safe… 😉

  12. Thanks! I’m so melodramatic! It was such a beautiful day, it was hard not to take a good picture. 😉

  13. Oh, believe me, I know that crying can be involved in hiking. Just ask my sister who got stuck on Pike’s Peak with altitude sickness while her Billy goat kids and husband scampered rings around her. She was begging for someone to call a helicopter to come and rescue her!

    Beautiful photos, Lorna–it was pretty up there. Also loved the one of you “draped” on the tree! You’re very cute! 🙂

  14. Wow, so pretty! That reminds me of when I went hiking/camping with some friends in the Lake Superior Provincial Park – it was in July, but the nights were fall chilly. It was so amazing, especially when we were up high looking out over some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in my life. Certainly more beautiful than any city view I’ve ever seen.

    I had a science teacher who went winter camping in the New York Adirondacks. That’s something I want to try someday – but with someone to keep me warm at night ;).

  15. I climbed a mountain once with a fit friend who told me it would only take us a couple of hours. Oops…5 peaks later from breakfast to 2 pm climbing up, it was horrendous. He didn’t realize the other 4 peaks lay behind the one he thought was the top.

    This was in the Yukon. When I sat on peak 3 saying, “I’ll wait here for you.” , he took the rifle off his shoulder and handed it to me. When he began explaining where I had to aim to kill a grizzly, I got up and continued following him.

    I heard him mumble something about how I’d regret it my whole life if I don’t climb to the top. If I’d had more energy, I’d have fired a rock at him!

    But he was right. I am so glad I stuck with it and got to the top. The bonus? Down the other side, there was a pristine valley, brilliantly green with grass and hosting a monstrously large herd of cariboo. Way up there! I wept!

  16. Amazing pictures 🙂 You have inspired me. I want to take such hikes too.
    The scenery is amazing though. You live in a beautiful place.

  17. Such fun! Even the melodrama, you go Crazy Chick LOL 😉

  18. I suppose I could write about my hike today…on a golf course. Ha! Fun day…and good for you!

  19. Pictures were great. I’m glad they have the sign in/out sheet. Sad to think about, but I wonder were ‘lost’ till they put that up. I got tired just looking at it, because I walk to the car and glad I’m sitting down again…hehehe. :0) Glad you had fun though. :0)

  20. It was. The Adirondacks are simply beautiful any time of year, but autumn is my favorite time to be in the mountains.

  21. The hike was supposed to be 4 miles round trip, but we parked about 1.5 miles from the trail entry, so it ended up being about 7 miles in all.

    And he’s the skier, not me. My motto: never strap anything to my feet and expect it to turn out well! I’m klutzy enough in plain shoes (although he wants me to try snow shoes). I’m willing to give that a shot. And I’ll bring my camera. You’ll see me covered in snow, no doubt. 😐

  22. 🙂 And, um, thanks!

  23. Thanks so much. It’s the subject matter and not the photographer, I assure you!

  24. Yeah, I got some pretty strange looks from some hikers, but I had visions of me splitting my head open when I fell on one of those boulders that others were just leaping across like they were hop-scotching. I’m such an indoors kind of a gal… 😐

  25. It was an adventure, alright. But well worth it. Thanks, Peter!

  26. You’re welcome. We had a great time!

  27. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!

  28. That was a walk and a half but you both look great on it

  29. Fun post, Lorna. As an Elmira boy born and raised, I loved seeing some of the scenery I left behind.

    “There’s crying in hiking?” Now that’s a funny line.

  30. Great photographs!

  31. Funny – I don’t remember taking you on a hike in the mountains…
    oh… Oh!… OOHHHH!!! You meant the other Phil! Yeah, well er… never mind.

    What a great getaway. The scenery looks fantastic, and the two of you look pretty damn good too, even if you were a little tired at the end. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  32. Thanks for taking us along the hike. Nice captions of nature. Besides the mile walked outside of parking, how long was it? And since Phil skies also, I suppose we can look forward to that in the future? 🙂

  33. What lovely scenery!

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