I’m jumping way ahead in my life story, but this news is just too supercalafragalisticexpealadocious sublime amazing noteworthy not to share with you now.

In my typical uncensored optimistic fashion, I entered the 80th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition last spring. Among the ten writing genres to select from, I chose “Memoirs/Personal Essays” (no big surprise there) and submitted a version of my story “Monkey Business.” I knew the competition would be daunting—this is a universal, international national competition (maybe it’s international)—but I needed to get my work out there, get it rejected, and start feeling like a real writer. 100 submissions would be selected in each genre as winners, with the 1st place submission and grand Pu-Bah submission reprinted in the Writer’s Digest. All other winners’ names would also be printed. Stiff odds when I considered that about a gazillion writers would enter and each could send multiple works.

I just pushed the "Submit" button and tried to forget about it. Having supportive friends who don't want to talk or listen to you talk about your writing is sometimes quite helpful.

When I opened my email today, I received notification from the Writer’s Digest Editor, Jessica Strawster. Did I mention that if I ever had a daughter, her name was going to be “Jessica Claire”? I wonder if this editor’s middle name is Claire… She had very good news for me. I was among the 100 winners in my genre. To quote her:

“Finishing among the top 100 entries is an accomplishment you can be proud of.  Your success in the face of such formidable competition speaks highly of your writing talent, and should be a source of great pride as you continue in your writing career.”

That’s it. I just wanted to let you know that an editor actually used the words “writing talent” and “writing career” in reference to little old me.

What does this all mean? Do I have to make up business cards and begin shameless self-promotion like I am doing in this post? Editors and Agents, send all inquiries to lornasvoice@gmail.com. Oh, my! It's already begun.