This piece was written in response to Victoria’s Monday Morning Writing prompt on “darkness.” Her site is Live To Write Today and is chock full of writing prompts and examples of oh-so-fine poetry and prose by many bloggers, including Victoria.

Poetry isn’t my genre, as you can tell if you scan my About page, but darkness allures me. Darkness is so often associated with evil and menace. I, however, find comfort and peace in the shadows. Many people find this a paradox: how could someone so light-hearted be drawn to the dark? Perhaps this poem will give you some insight.

"Moon Magic" a "stained glass" quilt art piece with hand-dyed batiks, machine quilted. Even the "frame" is fabric.

I am a child of the moon.
It was waning on the night of my birth,
A cold mid-November night, when darkness tipped the scales of daylight.
I came into this world in the softness of shadows and swaddling blankets.

In the cool, gentle shadows, I shield myself from hot, penetrating eyes,
Rays that could burn through me, leaving scars without even trying.
Stepping out into the bright light is my act of courage,
An act I can bear only knowing my sweet, darkness awaits to soothe me.

Shadows only exist because of light. I know this irony all too well.
When I gaze upon my own shadow, I see both empty and full–
Empty Lorna ready to be filled and Filled Lorna ready to be emptied.
Just like any child of the moon.