Do I look like I have time to plan my future? I'm very focused on holding up this pole while balancing on 3" heels.

Lorna lives from moment to moment. She’s constantly surprised because she never plans ahead, leaving her future to “fate.” Fate is shining on her at the moment…

Surprise 12: Mr. Supernova noticed me, too. I was in the library, nose-in-book, getting references for my Master’s thesis when I looked up. Sitting at a table across from me was the most handsome man I’d ever seen in real life. He was the man I dreamed of all my life.

He was just out of the Marines, Special-Ops (probably not recusing puppies, but if the mission included Pup Recon, he'd be your man).

He was staring at me. I quickly looked back into my book, but I couldn’t read a word. My heart was pumping too much blood away from my rational brain. I looked up again. He was still staring.

I turned around to see if he was looking at someone behind me. Nothing but books behind me. Mr. Supernova was staring at ME!

It was kind of like this, only not with a creepy tall guy next to us. And we weren't that close. And I'm taller, better looking, and have a better figure. And he didn't want to bite my neck...well, wait...maybe he did.

Then he spoke, “Do you have the time?” His voice was deep velvet.

The time for what, Mr. You’re-Too-Sexy-For-The-Library? is what I wanted to ask him, but I looked at my watch and reported the time.

He thanked me. I died and ascended to Heaven. A few more minutes passed. He was leaving. Alas, I thought, all good things must end. As he passed me, he placed a copy of The Daily News by my books and said with a devilish smile, “You might be interested in reading this.”

I promise--this is the last picture of Mr. Supernova Look-Alike. And, yes, he really drove away from inside the library in a red Ferrari.

I said a shaky, “Thanks!” He disappeared.

I lingered, completing my research half-heartedly. Before I left, I opened the newspaper he dropped on my table. On the front page was a headline about Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales.  Beside her picture was a hand-written message: “For a good time, call P (I’m using just his initial).  ###-####”.  I slapped that newspaper closed, fearing that someone would  see this naughty proposition. Blushing from embarrassment and excitement, I tucked that paper in my notebook and went to class feeling anything but studious.

Yes-sir-ee! That's how I felt! Only without the jock-strap and cheering fans.

I never called “P”; calling for sex was crossing a line I didn’t dare cross. But, “fate” was working for me. I started seeing “P” all around town. He worked at a small bar not far from my apartment. My apartment, it seems, was very conveniently located. I talked my sister, Tina, into dropping in for a drink. Thus began my steamy affair with Mr. Supernova.

We made the most of our brief time together--exhausting but blissful.

He wasn’t interested in having a committed relationship with me, so “we” didn’t last long. Our break-up was mutual and friendly–as rare as our sizzling liaison. I wasn’t surprised it didn’t last. Supernovas have a way of disappearing from view; but they eventually come back and their impression lasts, making you anticipate their reappearance. I only hoped I made a Supernova impression on him.

Surprise 14: I graduated with my Master’s Degree with the highest possible honors. Alcohol only slowed me down while I was passed out.

By passing out on my books, the information seeped into my brain. Well, do you have a better explanation?

Surprise 15: Jobs found me. Whenever I needed a job, one appeared. I applied and was hired. It was that simple (except for one time–a story for later).

Slow down, Boys. I'll make up my mind about which job I want. Give a girl some time to ponder.

It’s now time to review the various jobs Lorna held up to this critical time in her life–mid-20s. She’s now reached a turning point, but you need to know a few things before you know what turn she made.