You never know what treasures you might discover at your local Goodwill store--especially the one in Lawrence, Kansas.

Even if I had enough money to pay $200 for a pair of jeans, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. With than much money I could go to my local thrift shop or Goodwill store and buy a whole “new” wardrobe and furnish my condo. Call me thrifty, okay, call me cheap. But I’ve found some great bargains at these places.

Whenever I go on vacation, I seek out the local Goodwill stores. Florida and Hawaii were the best. Rich people change their high-priced wardrobes more frequently than FOX News complains about the Democrats. They have the “help” dispense with their outdated-by-a-minute clothing. Giving virtually new designer clothes to Goodwill fills them with, well, good will–connecting them with the masses without having to mingle with them. I get to buy clothes that have more admirers than I do for $5.00 or less. What’s not to love?

I, too, donate my outdated but still serviceable clothes to my local socially responsible establishments. Some of the same designer clothes I got for next-to-nothing and wore proudly are simply ready for a new home. Since I am my own “help,” I drop the clothes off. This gives me a chance to see what the new local inventory looks like. Recycling Donna Karan–I wonder what she would think?

Except for her jacket made from the hide of the endangered Tasmanian Kangaroo, Donna looks like a pretty eco-friendly kind of gal.

You can find all kinds of things at a Goodwill store. I mean ALL kinds of things. Had I been vacationing in Lawrence, Kansas yesterday, I would’ve nabbed a real treasure. The only possible reason I would be vacationing in Kansas would be as a part of an AARP Storm-Chasing Tour Group, so the likelihood is low that I would have found this particular surprise: a small bag of marijuana. Yes: giggle weed, reefer, pot, vipe, wacky terbacky.

Well, he had to be sure that what he found in the donation bin was really pot and not some loose Italian spice like oregano.

According to the story, “Authorities” believe that it was donated by mistake. You think? And it was confiscated and destroyed. Probably tightly rolled up to protect it and burned…slowly, around a campfire or in the “Authority’s” living room under the watchful, glazed eyes of witnesses so as not to break the chain of evidence.

Apparently there is a long-standing tradition among the "Authorities" to destroy drug-related contraband in these elaborate, well-attended ceremonies. How else can they be sure that these dangerous drugs don't get into the wrong hands and lungs?

I never found anything like that in all my years of rifling through the bins and shelves of Goodwill or thrift stores. But that’s fine by me. I would have thought it was catnip, bought it and given it to my friend who has five cats.

I wonder what cannabis does to cats? I hope no one ever finds outs.

Dude, I don't think that was catnip we ate...