Lessons from the Other Side

If I had all that jewelry to sell in the yard sale, I would have made even more money. If only I had known...

All is eerily quiet; I am alone and reflecting on the out-of body experience I’ve had for the last, well, I don’t know. Where I’ve been, time is meaningless. I’ve unraveled many mysteries of humankind I never thought I’d untangle in this lifetime. I wish to share my discoveries with you now…now that my yard sale is over and I have returned from the “Other Side” (the side with the cash box).

  1. Letting go is a hard.. Many people who came to the sale wanted to buy, but not spend. The economy is hard on everyone, but, hey, I’m part of the “everyone.”  I had a sneaky suspicion that many of them were having their own yard sales later and were trying to buy cheap and sell high. Capitalists!

    I had to keep chanting, "It's not about the money, it's about getting rid of the clutter." But I kept wondering what I sold for 50 cents would end up valuable enough to furnish someone's summer home.

  2. There are two types of people: Casual Browsers and One-Item Hunters. The Casual browser saunters up with a passel of people, responds to your friendly greeting with an equally cordial one, handles a prodigious number of items, converses about the weather, pets, the neighborhood, other yard sales, someone’s ancestry, and where might they find a good dentist. The One-Item Hunter marches in alone and asks for one very specific item, which you are very unlikely to have because normal people do not generally stock extra of these items: rifles, antique music boxes, potato forks (for digging potatoes), and tiaras.

    I guess you never know how common household items could be repurposed...

  3. If you want to be the hit of collectors, stock pile costume jewelry. Men women, children, and even certain small dogs look for costume jewelry and will leave immediately if you have nothing to offer them but candles.

    She was a very discriminating shopper. Unfortunately I had nothing she wanted and she promptly left.

  4. Men will buy any tool or any metal heavy item. The man who put the tool in the sale will not be around when a man asking questions about the tool has detailed questions about the tool, such as “Is this what I think it is?” or “Does it work?” Your only recourse is your handy cell phone and the highly intelligent query, “Can you talk to Bob about that big red thingy?”

    Doe she look like a pressure valve expert on the air compressor you're about to spend $25.00 on? Well, I'm not either!

  5. Adding a little levity helps. It’s hot, everyone’s tired, and the sheer volume of stuff surrounding everyone is weighty enough. A little laughter makes the day go faster. A woman found a “come-along” (some tool) for her husband and was delighted. She bought it immediately but hung around to chat. When she finally left, I said, “Now, scoot along with your come-along!” We all laughed. Another man was admiring some very heavy chains that could be used to sink a body in the Hudson river. He said, “You’ve got some nice-lookin’ chains there, Miss.” I replied, “Well, thank you, I sure don’t hear that every day!”

    Not quite a fashion accessory I fancy in the warm summer months, but now you see why I didn't have any extra tiaras to sell...

I left out a lot of details, including many thanks to Phil, Tina and Jim who were instrumental in helping me get through it all.

The proceeds: just under $1,000. Was it worth it? Now that it’s over, heck yes!

I hope my words of wisdom from having crossed over and back have been helpful to you.

~ by Lorna's Voice on July 17, 2011.

20 Responses to “Lessons from the Other Side”

  1. I am so glad it’s all over and a car-load of stuff made it to the Humane Society Thrift shop. A win-win in my book.

  2. Being a minimalist, I don’t collect anything or clutter. I find it overwhelming to have too much stuff. I’m always amazed at people who enjoy browsing through other peoples stuff. It seems so personal. If I have anything worth selling, I just give it to your favorite shop – Goodwill. There are lots of people who need stuff and they can have it. It must have something to do with all those photo’s they showed us in Catholic school about the needy in third world countries.

    BUT …. WOW … what a booty you wound up with…!!!!

    Toodles, Isadora

  3. Get there early–the competition will be brutal!

  4. Thanks for the yard sale tips! Think all hit some on Saturday and get some costume jewelry so the doggies won’t be disappointed at my sale in August! Congrats on the $$$

  5. I was in just as much suspense as you were, believe me! But I’m back and trying like the dickins to catch up. I was on “the other side” for way too long and things on “this side” didn’t wait for me.

  6. Yes, the cash definitely took the edge off. I swam around in the $1.00 bills–very decadent, but I suffered so much in the pre-yard sale phase, I figured I deserved a little indulging…Plus I was back in my own body!

  7. Oh, I’d recommend having one for these reasons: 1) extra money 2) less clutter 3) great fodder for blogging 4) misery loves company. You go girlfriend!

  8. Yeah, me neither! I dreaded the darned thing all week and then I kept mental-noting all the funny things people said and did. All the while I was thinking, “Oh, this is going to make a great post…” Thanks for commenting!

  9. My mom called me today and was in a panic about not getting her Soc Sec check in August. I told her that she will. This drama will end soon with some kind of resolution–all dramas do. But they get immediately replaced by other dramas. And so I write this blog to preserve what little bit of sanity I still have left. Thanks so much for the comment!

  10. Thanks so much! This blog is truly therapy and is turning me into an even Crazier Chic for your club!

  11. I must admit it was fun. Fun and exhausting. It was hopefully my Swan-song in the yard/garage/tage sale adventure department, so it will always remain branded in my memory as the Last of the Red Hot Yard Sales.

  12. Some things are just too sacred to part with. I still have my dreams of someone, somewhere, needing an aging Princess Di look-alike…

  13. Hey I know you have a Tiara, not ready to part with it yet?

  14. I’m so happy to hear that you survived the “yard sale” experience one more time. Isn’t it fun?

  15. hehe love the captions on the pics 🙂 very enjoyable read

  16. I’m part of the “everyone too, hahaha. But I believe we’ll be better soon.

  17. Hey CCC girl. I loved your post here … I wouldn NEVER think that I would find a garage sale quite that interesting. 🙂 See you around.

  18. No disappointment here either, entertaining read as always 🙂 Makes me want to have a yard sale because I can always use the $ and that sounds like a fun, legal way to do it… now let’s see, wonder if they will think my book collection too chic-lit for them… hmmmm… well it’s been monsoon weather here so the time is not right but great weather for reading! Thanks!

  19. Coming back from the other side with $1000. is a great way of travelling through different dimensions and I’m glad it was so profitable

  20. This is a hoot! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post knowing that you were traversing into that ethereal zone called, ominously enough, “The Yard Sale.” I was not disappointed.

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