Life is full of surprises!

Did you ever surprise yourself with your own courage? Your own naivite? Well, writing this blog is an act of one or the other for me. I started texting just one year ago; I felt like I was entering a brave new world…

When I look back on the past 50 years, I wonder how I made it through some of the bizarre and downright frightening events that, in their totality, made me what I am today. And then I chuckle. Putting all the calamities together make them seem as preposterous as the story-lines of the soap operas that are being cancelled from day-time TV. And if that kind of wacky stuff happened to me, I bet it (and worse) happened to lots of others.

EXAMPLE: I was struck by lightning about a year ago. That’s bad enough. But there’s more. At the time, my 26-year marriage had a surprise ending for me: my husband up and left. We got legally separated and then I up and left my country home while waiting to buy a city condo. I was living alone at my sister’s mountain vacation house while I was waiting for a bank to decide whether I was  mortgage-worthy; and hoping that the condo would still be there if the bank ever made a decision. Otherwise, I would be husbandless and homeless. Then I got struck by lightning: splash lightning, not bolt or ball lightning–so I guess it could have been worse.  I was isolated, weak, and not thinking very clearly. Changing my will became a priority.

I survived (obviously). But the story just illustrates my wonky life and how I am navigating some pretty wavy waters by not taking life and myself so seriously. That’s what I want to share with you through this blog.

The problem is that I know nothing about blogging.

And so I go forth with the courage and naivite that has animated my life for as long as I can recall. Wish me luck.